Felix Ventouras

Composer, Conductor, Pianist

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Felix Ventouras, born in New York City but raised in Dallas Texas, is a Shanghai-based composer. In 2008 he composed and arranged music for the U.S. Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team, presented during the Beijing Olympics; in 2011 his original ballet Dracula was premiered in Newport Rhode Island, in 2013; he collaborated with Andrey Bartenev on a production of Chekov’s Three Sisters performed in Moscow; in 2014 his arrangement of The Lark by Grigoras Dinicu was premiered by the China National Symphony Orchestra. Most recently, he worked as a music assistant to Oscar award winning composer Tan Dun in Shanghai.
Felix Ventouras,作曲家,出生于纽约市,在得克萨斯州达拉斯长大,现在居住在上海。2008年,他创作和改编的音乐为美国奥运花样游泳队采用,在其北京奥运会参赛期间播出; 2011年,他原创的芭蕾舞剧-《Dracula》在新港罗得岛州首演;2013年,他与Andrey Bartenev合作改编的著名的俄罗斯歌剧-Chekov的《Three Sisters》在莫斯科演出;2014年,他改编的Grigoras Dinicu的交响乐曲《The Lark》由中国国家交响乐团首演。他最近的工作是作为奥斯卡获奖作曲家谭盾的音乐助手。